The Sizzle Of Sabuku

Sabuku Sushi is nestled right on Adams Avenue and 30th St. The owner, Bob Pasela, is the real deal when it comes to a man who knows his foods and how to best please the people who come into his establishment. As I got to enjoy the very relaxing and minimalist scenery of the space, Bob and I got to chat as his Executive Chef, Phonexay, started revving up his engines to serve me the meanest rolls I’ve had in a long time. First up were delicious flights of sake that were infused pear, plum, lemongrass, Fiji apple, and white peach.

     Surf n Turf roll, with the crab, avocado, and shrimp tempura inside and an expertly seared filet mignon on top, garnished with crispy fried onion. It sounds so unassuming and looked like a dream, but once I got to enjoy it, the flavors all blended so damn well! I had died and gone to red meat heaven in that moment.

     Orange Crush roll included spicy crab, avocado, and tempura green onion inside and wonderfully fresh salmon outside with a sauce that melted in my mouth. It was sweet but once again, a wonderful blending- a marriage of flavors where not one ingredient overwhelmed the essence of the other ingredients.

     Bacon and Scallop roll. Bacon is king in any category you put it in. You add bacon to just about any dish and you’ve improved it tenfold! It was amazing! I instantly savored the moment with this roll.

     Naughty Nice and Everything Spice roll was hot but the kind that left you warm over time, not dying of intense heat. It was a gradual warmth that was staved off by the sweetness of it as well. I love a good spicy roll, so the ghost pepper infused sauce that came with it just sealed the deal for me.

     Chillaxin roll was the one that started it all for Sabuku, it got the ball rolling. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth on it. The roll was made of shrimp tempura, spicy crab, and avocado inside and a torched chilean sea bass topping it with a spicy ginger aioli. The taste was so smooth, so smoky, that I enjoyed it thoroughly because it was very unexpected. It was a roll I could see myself eating a lot of and not feeling guilty about it one bit.

And if it weren’t enough that it was such a great place to be, they offer their patrons a chance to join their Sabuku Sushi Club where for $50.00 a year (a YEAR), you get very chic bamboo chopsticks in a wood case, 20% off all of your orders, delivery fee waived (provided you’re within their delivery area, which they’ve recently expanded), member-only food and drink specials, and more. So if you’re ever in the Normal Heights area, and looking to change your life, Sabuku Sushi is the place to do it.

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