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Hidden Fish The Hidden Gem

After months of anticipation I was finally able to enjoy an evening of dining at San Diego’s first Omakase-only sushi spot, Hidden Fish. The concept is that guest will be able to enjoy a 30 min 12 piece or 90 min 18 piece omakase (meaning I’ll leave it up to you) menu.

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Hidden Fish Has Arrived

I haven’t been this excited about a new restaurant opening in San Diego in a while. Sushi is one of the few types of food I’d happily eat every night! While there is no shortage of great sushi places, Hidden Fish raises the bar with its authentic Japanese style timed dining.

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Heavenly Himitsu

Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying the newest sushi spot in San Diego, called Himitsu. The experience can be summed up in two words, Simply Divine! I've had my favorite sushi spot for about 7 years now and after one visit to Himitsu it has officially been replaced!

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The Sizzle Of Sabuku

Sabuku Sushi is nestled right on Adams Avenue and 30th St. The owner, Bob Pasela, is the real deal when it comes to a man who knows his foods and how to best please the people who come into his establishment. As I got to enjoy the very relaxing and minimalist scenery of the space, Bob and I got to chat as his Executive Chef, Phonexay, started revving up his engines to serve me the meanest rolls I’ve had in a long time.

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