5 Trends To Try This Spring

FORMAL TRACK PANT: Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry, has done it again! This time he's cleverly replaced the trouser with the track pant. Saying it aloud, you'd instantly see the disconnect, but seeing the artisan's execution quickly dispels any doubt. The idea that casual Friday can be expanded to casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday has me, like you I'm sure, completed overjoyed.    

SHRUNKEN SWEATSHIRT: Calvin Klein, one of the minimalistic sportswear pioneers, takes his clean lines to new levels. Keep in mind that every trend is not for everyone, and in particular this one. For my leggy yet short torso'd readers this is definitely for you. 

ETHNIC ACCESSORIES: I like my jewelry how I like my peanut butter, CHUNKY! Based upon their Spring collection, apparently Junya Watanabe is in full agreement. Colorful woods, thick stone bracelets, and multi length necklaces are the perfect remedy to cure BTS (basic t-shirt syndrome). Uh yes that a very real thing that men across the country are suffering from!

MONOCHROMATIC DEPTH: 50 Shades of Grey is making a fashionable inclusion of green, blue, black, and white! John Elliot's brilliant ability to move through a color's gradient is the perfect update on the classic "monochromatic look". Gone are the days where you spend hours obsessing over if the pants are the exact color as the shirt. 

CREATIVE CAMO: I'm definitely a self professed camoholic! It's become a wardrobe staple for me, by way of treating it as you would any neutral, and then build upon it. The idea that camouflage could coexist with another pattern without appearing to be a kaleidoscopic image is my definition of utopia. Neil Barrett's spring collection was nothing short my walking utopia!! He treated camo as more of a color palette and less of a pattern, creating what I believe to be one of his best collections to date! Photos courtesy of Voguerunway.com