South Park is home to so many new places to eat and drink, it's almost a battle in itself to select just one that gives you both and delivers it so well. Not only that, but to have the feel of the place be so authentic. Yet, for Kindred, it seems to be as easy as Sunday morning. Before you even enter, the door pulls you in with the skull head in the center of a pyramid; golden and mirrored, so that your face is almost superimposed over the skull. As owner Kory Stetina gives a tour of the lair, you are met with this intriguing wallpaper that you would have more than likely found housed in the home of Ozzy Osbourne, but it's incredibly appropriate for the space. Upon close inspection, this Dane Danner creation gives you eyeballs engrossed in a tangled battle (38 combinations to be exact), Rainbow Bright in the center of a pentagram in some scenes, and a giant man-eating plant reminiscent of a Venus Fly-trap in others. The star of the the show is Kindred's "mascot" created by Brandon Kihl: a four-eyed wolf head with a skull atop its head and snakes reaching out from the sides of it. The bathrooms, undoubtedly the most amazing ones I've seen, hold photos of cats where even Danzig is lovingly holding one in a framed photo in the men's room. That's when you note, this place is headbanger's paradise with heavy metal and punk music permeating through the speakers. And the food is quite pleasantly more than you'd ever expect!

     The Memphis BBQ Jackfruit sandwich is introduced and without even tasting it, looks like an eye-gasmic piece of BBQ heaven. With the first bite however, you are in sensory overload as you get the sweet and tangy sauce and the meaty texture of the jackfruit, which you don't outright think is fruit at all!! The sourdough lends to the overall flavor, making this one of the best sandwiches ever to be had. Another dish brought to the table is their take on the charcuterie called the Deli Battle, all-vegan featuring the most delectable golden beets, pickled carrots with a spice you can handle. The last dish was the Beet Risotto toppled with fried scalloped potatoes and sour cream. It was so creamy and rich you'd almost forget it was vegan. This menu was skillfully curated by Executive Chef Jeff Scullin who is more East Coast than West, but the food reflects a happy marriage of the two. The drinks complement the dishes, with the brandy led King in Yellow and spicy but refreshing The Spice Must Flow. Annnnnnnd just like that another gem of South Park is born, and ready to kick ass!