HRC Leadership Summit

I had the privilege of spending last weekend attending my first Human Rights Campaign Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. With the current political climate, this summit couldn't have occurred at a better time. The Leadership Summit was two days filled with political influencers, media experts panels, and HRC President Chad Griffin. This weekend was both enlightening and empowering as well as heartbreaking. It was tough listening to the many stories of my fellow LGBTQ of how elected officials are not only considering, but enacting these grossly discriminatory Anti-LGBT laws. Nothing squashes ignorance quicker than education and HRC is doing a phenomenal job of educating and engaging all people! In between the various panels we were given free time in which I was able to sneak away to the recently updated Renwick Gallery. One of the many cool things about it was the ability to take photos inside and they even encouraged sharing via Instagram, splashing the hashtag #renwickgallery throughout. Oh yes, and a thank you Mother Nature for holding up the cherry blossoms for another week so I could enjoy them. Until September DC.