Y-3 & Me...

I've always believed fashion is truly a lifestyle and it's the message I've built all of my client's wardrobe upon. That being said, Y-3 is a brand that has pioneered this luxurious sportswear boom we see in the fashion industry today. The mix of rich fabrics, androgynous silhouettes, and innovative sneaker designs are just a few of the reasons I've been a fan since day 1! San Diego, while many things, isn't a fashion city, so I'm still pleasantly surprised to find out we remain to have the only Y-3 store on the west coast. The new collection is equivocally brilliant with bold coloring and psychedelic prints as well as many great staple pieces. Nothing was harder than not buying everything, except for deciding on my favorite 4 looks. Oh, and incase you were wondering what Y-3 stands for here you go. Y stands for Yohji Yamamoto, 3 represents the 3 Adidas' stripes on their sneakers, and the - is the bond between two brands. 

Y-3 San Diego / 7852 Girard Ave / La Jolla, CA 92037  

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Photographer: Arlene Ibarra