FIDM Workshop: Branding Yourself

Mondays are usually rough, but this past one I woke up feeling super excited and fully energized! The fact that I was going to be co-facilitating a “Branding Yourself” workshop at FIDM with my unofficial mentor, Joan Jack had me in a great head space. Joann is an extremely passionate, knowledgeable, intense, and never settle for mediocrity kind of person. The way she effortlessly maneuvers between the artistic and retail development world is both astonishing and admirable. That being said, when Joann asked if I would come on board for this workshop the answer was YESSSSSS, without a doubt. “Knowledge is most useful when it’s shared with others”, is one of the best quotes to date. Being able to interact with students and provide real world insight was great. Our goal was to get them to understand what a brand is, how to get others to identify your brand, and most importantly make sure it’s truly YOUR BRAND! The students and faculty enjoyed it and I’m even bringing on one of the students as an intern. A SUCCESSSSSSSS and I can’t wait for part 2 on August 25th!