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Ugly Sweater Time

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Christmas season is my all time favorite because people seem to genuinely be in a better mood, the seasonal holiday dishes, and I get to layer up my fashion. Aaaaaand if I’m being completely honest I absolutely love a good “Ugly Sweater”.

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Common Projects, Not So Common

Fashion has taken a taken a leap back to the 90's when logos were king and subtly was only dreamed about. As someone who loves bold color and prints, I think logo identity is best left displayed on the inside tag or through small identifying factors. That being said, it's why I've always been a fan of the sneaker brand Common Projects.

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An Evening At You Know - Y

When it comes to fashion in San Diego it's safe to say that it is the land of major department stores and brands. However, there are a few boutiques that have really etched out a name in the community and You Know - Y is definitely one of them. Last week they had a spring fashion event that was sick AF! Brands like 3.1  Phillip Lim, Baja East x Melissa Beach, and Adidas X Stella McCartney were on hand for guest to shop. 

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