Common Projects, Not So Common

Fashion has taken a taken a leap back to the 90's when logos were king and subtly was only dreamed about. As someone who loves bold color and prints, I think logo identity is best left displayed on the inside tag or through small identifying factors. That being said, it's why I've always been a fan of the sneaker brand Common Projects. This Italian footwear line has produced, season after season kicks that allow for luxury every day. Even as they have broadened production by way of boots and tie up loafers they use the same approach, classic style. The only identify mark on the outside is the serial number which one is barely visible and two represents the article number, size, and color. It's a brand that has maintained a minimal brand approach and still continues to be a top-selling sneaker. For this reason, Common Projects is always one of the first sneaker lines I introduce to my clients. As I said before I've been a fan for years and for my 6th paired I had to get, what I consider to be, their wild child camo  Achilles in grey/blue. The particular part I chose is both simple and yet statement-making. Here's a few I think you'll want to consider for your next splurge.