Wolf & Shepherd LA Opening Bash

I've been spending more time in LA lately which actually hasn't been a bad thing. So when I got the invite for the opening of Wolf & Shepherd's first store I had to put it in my schedule. The brand did not disappoint with their brick and mortar. The location was perfect, inside Westfield Century City Mall, and the design was sleek and flawless. The inventory was divided with a sea of black to the left, browns on the right, and a select few other colors beautifully placed in between. In the center of their store was a display which showed the sole technology. Guests were able to enjoy specialty cocktails like The Wolf ( Maker's Mark-Ginger beer -Lime wedge) as well as delicious gourmet pizza from Eataly. FUN FACT: A guy actually ran a marathon in a pair of lace-up Wolf & Shepherd. Yeah, mind blown I know welcome to the club! This totally has me questioning if I should just toss away all my sneakers and just load up on their newest fall collection. W&S has really nailed down the blend of comfort and style with the shoes being made out of beautiful rich Italian leather. So as fall approaches, regardless of current weather temps, be sure to make room in your wardrobe for a pair of these must-have shoes, especially the boots. 

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