A Fantastic Fish Shop

Point Loma is anchored by some of the best seafood in San Diego and thanks to its newest member Point Loma Fish Shop, the selections just got even better! With an amazingly warm staff and one of the tastiest menus around, they are the perfect addition to city. The Fish Shop Lumpia is diced up seafood wrapped in a warm flaky shell and served over jasmine with a sweet chili sauce. It was super light & super delicious making it one of the best appetizers to graze my palate. Up next was some of the most beautifully butterflied coconut shrimp. Presentation is just as important as taste and they nailed them both. If you know me you know there’s one food I could eat everyday and anyway... shrimp. PLFS lets you pick a fish, a marinade, and a style. So I opted for shrimp, fish shop seasonsing, and I did it as a plate (comes with 2 sides). Hands down the best seasoning on the planet no questions about it. It’s this Cajun dry rub with brown sugars that’s a little sweet and has a mild spice. I was literally dancing in my seat from how good they were! Scallops and pokè were next and came out just as equally exquisite. PLFS was able to execute a wonderful variety of dishes all while maintaining impeccable flavor and beautiful presentation.    

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