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FIDM Workshop: Branding Yourself II

I’m a little late I know, but it’s been a crazy week. So this past Monday Joann and I wrapped up our Branding Workshop at FIDM. It’s one thing to be able to discuss your brand in person however, it’s another to use social media to convey that same message. A main focus was how to effectively communicate your brand consistantly through the various social media outlets.

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FIDM Workshop: Branding Yourself

Mondays are usually rough, but this past one I woke up feeling super excited and fully energized! The fact that I was going to be co-facilitating a “Branding Yourself” workshop at FIDM with my unofficial mentor, Joan Jack had me in a great head space. Joann is an extremely passionate, knowledgeable, intense, and never settle for mediocrity kind of person.

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