Rolls Royce Wraith Release

Friday was the Rolls Royce Wraith release event I’d been stressing over for the past 3 weeks. Needless to say, it was a success and my anxiety is back down to a manageable level, at least for the time being. The event was held inside the gorgeous O’gara Coach La Jolla showroom. Since the inspiration for the car was driven by film, I styled models at three vignettes doing “Hollywood” things. The first location there was a vintage vanity where models touched up makeup and put on diamonds, courtesy of Alber Rezko. Next was a wardrobing scene, provided by Emporio Armani and Halston. Finally it was action time and the models reenacted scenes dashing to the car while being filmed. Male models dressed in all black suiting greeted guest with trays of this season’s must have Jimmy Choo shoes and bags. To top things off a portion of the proceeds went the amazing organization of women, Las Patronas. The sum of cars, fashion, and charity made for an exquisite evening!