Waterfront At Waterbar


When I think of great cuisine, being completely honest, Pacific Beach is the last place that comes to mind until now! Waterbar, from its flawless design to the brilliant menu selection, has raised the bar for all establishments around. After checking in with the hostess I turned around to a beautiful open dining space with an unobstructed view of the ocean. I spent a few moments gazing into the water before deciding to dive in, into the menu that is. The cocktail list provided a generous selection from spirit forward to fruity without being overwhelming. Aphrodite, a rum and Grand Marnier based drink topped with passion fruit foam was by far my favorite. To start I opted for the oysters, which were delicious and the octopus which was phenomenal. I haven't had octopus prepared this perfectly since vacationing in Mykonos a few summers ago. Two beautifully charred pieces with Ajo blanco, sliced green grapes, cilantro, and almond. Being that it was an exceptionally cool morning, chowder seemed most inviting. Ah, and just like the previous dishes, it didn't disappoint, a hearty serving filled with clams, crispy pork, fingerling potatoes, celery, and a slice of grilled sourdough. I figured I'd try a land dish as well and went for the filet mignon paired with a side of potatoes and broccoli. As the last piece of filet hit my tongue, it dawned on me, I was having one of the best dining experiences ever and it was happening in Pacific Beach! Uh can you say #mindblown #canteven. The final dish was from the sea, Rockfish atop coconut rice, bay shrimp, lemongrass, basil, and shiitake. Yes, just like the selections prior, it was out of this world! Though my waistline said no, my taste buds were not going to let me leave without dessert! I have three words for you...Apple Pie Doughnuts! The only way to explain these is YOU MUST TRY THEM!!!!!

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