Let's Talk Taco


When you think of San Diego there are a few things that instantly come to mind like SeaWorld, Balboa Park, the Padres, and tacos! Tacos are a huge part of the food scene which makes sense due to our proximity to Mexico. Then I realized that I've eaten hundreds, probably even thousands oink, and yet if someone were to ask who had the best tacos I'd be speechless.  Well, that is until I was able to try out Taco Stand in North Park! First order of business was the pollo asado, flame-grilled chicken, cilantro, onions, and salsa topped with the creamiest dollop of guacamole. Guac is so LIFE!  Coming in next and just as delicious were the carne asada and grilled mahi mahi which was so refreshing, like a vacation wrapped in a tortilla! If you want to really push the flavor to the max you must drizzle their velvety spiced orange mayo/salsa over your taco as well as dip your chips into. In addition to the exquisite tacos, it also happens to be located in one of the coolest neighborhoods North Park. What better way to wash down an afternoon of amazing tacos than with a cold cerveza?! 

Photog: Arlene Ibarra

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