A Tempting Table

Mondays are usually my get ready for the week days so things are mellow, well so to speak. I figured it would be the perfect evening to try out the new Farmer's Table, sister restaurant to Farmer's Bottega in Mission Hills. When you hear the city of La Mesa being mentioned it's usually not followed by "has a restaurant you will die over!" Now thanks to Farmer's Table you'll be hearing that phrase quite often, I promise you. Jesse, my waiter, brings me a refreshing glass of Riesling Trefethen and begins to tell me the daily specials. Now if there's one soup I normally steer clear of it's Cream of Spinach. It's one of those items that just bores my palate no matter where in the world I seem to order it. However, Jesse's enthusiasm and vivid description had me intrigued so much I almost ordered two! The spinach flavoring is the first thing to greet your taste buds and immediately following is the blue crab, yes blue crab! This dish was definitely a delicious duet of flavor, rather than a duel. Next was the bodacious Bison Tartare that I'm still thinking about. The mango salsa, which included pomegranate seeds, the lightly toasted crustini, and then brilliantly topped with a quail egg all worked perfectly together. The main course was a pan seared halibut on a bed of leeks, spinach, and artichokes top with black truffle butter and surround in a yellow pepper coulis. One word to describe this would be, divine! The dessert was a blackberry & strawberry creme brulee which also did not disappoint. Farmer's Table La Mesa has me thinking that with Downtown and Little Italy becoming increasingly over-saturated, are new hot spots moving east?

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