Closing Out At Osetra

And now to close out the year with what was undoubtedly one of my top 3 meals of the year! The moment Christmas is over it's all systems go to find that "It" outfit to ring in the new year. Women are attacking racks in hopes of finding the perfect party dress and men are looking for luxurious loafers to pair with their velvet blazer. However, the more important issue is where will your last meal of the year be?!?! Luckily Osetra Seafood & Steaks, which is located in the heart of the Gaslamp, has you covered. They have curated one mouth watering menu that will send your taste buds straight into next year! A 1/2 dozen of chilled oyster to get the party started served with mignonette cocktail sauce, just spot on. Then it was time to dive right into the main dish, a beautiful surf & turf. Prime filet mignon, lobster claw & tail, asparagus, and mashed potatoes with lobster inside. Several bites in I knew this was going to be the quintessential NYE dining experience. The turf was cooked just how I like it and I can't remember the last time I indulged in such a tender and flavorful lobster. The mashed potatoes were like the creamiest of clouds with morsels of surf goodness plumped inside. As if my taste buds weren't already whipped into a state of glee, I just had to order dessert. I mean who turns down a Tiramisu, not me and I'm beyond glad I didn't. Simply divine! There's going out to eat and then there's going out to enjoy an experience and Osetra is definitely the latter... Until next year!!

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