The Flavorsome Fishmonger's Market

When it comes to seafood I'd happily pack a suitcase and travel by plane, train, or automobile to find the best of the best! Thankfully my most recent experience only required a 5 minute drive. Fishmonnger's Market is the place to go for seafood! The design of the space was so modern I could have literally just moved right in. Outdoor seating came with fabulous views of downtown and living green walls. While I dined during the day, Mike the GM showed me a picture of the outside lit up at night and it looked like a scene from a Hollywood romance film. After taking in the flawless design and talking with the friendly staff, it was time to indulge in some great food! The House-Smoke Alaskan Salmon Platter is a must! Smoked fish, for some, is considered to be an acquired, but trust me this is the perfect place to acquire it #nomnom! The platter consist of an Indian candy, applewood-smoked tuna, and salmon spread. Each so wonderfully unique, but all so equally delectable. Fishermen's Stew was the perfect follow up dish, arriving in what is the most chic bowl I've ever seen. It was packed with so much flavor and the fish was cooked to perfection, just so tender. Being what my friends have deemed me, a mussel snob, I couldn't leave without enjoying some. They arrived in a marina sauce, with wine, and parsley. OOOOMMMMGGGG let me tell you it took some serious restraint not to devour them in 2 two minutes and drink the sauce, like remaining milk after the cereal is gone. The sauces worked so well together, mussels were plump in size, and most importantly they are locally caught. If you are as serious about seafood as I am then you will have to stop in for some exquisite cuisine. A place where you can enjoy a fresh fish now and then walk feet away to the market to select more freshness for later, is pure genius! Oh and ask them about the cool tracking system, you'll be in for a cool educational moment.

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