Dining At Dunedin

For those of you that follow me on Instagram you know I'm a huge fan of North Park. For months I'd drive past this beautifully landscaped building under the assumption it was a nursery. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong! It was home to what I now say has the best chili in San Diego. Dunedin New Zealand Eats is a hidden gem that I've been raving about ever since I had the pleasure of dining there. Dunedin has a delightful selection of champagne cocktails, sangria and even beer cocktails. However, on this particular day I had been craving lemonade and their Blueberry Lavender Lemonade was screaming DRINK ME! So I did. Aaaaaaaand it was so refreshing with the perfect blend of sweet and tart. First dish up was the the Salmon Dip which was fresh, light, and spread on triangular toast making it the ideal appetizer. It was a particularly cool morning so I wanted something that would be warm and filling, you know autumn like. Chili is the quintessential fall food-- hearty, flavorful, and warm. Dunedin serves a bodacious turkey chili that was everything I was hoping for and 10,000 times more. All the flavors work together wonderfully and are accompanied by the crunchy texture of tortilla chips, which are used to scoop. Every mouthful is like a warm hug on cool fall evening that you didn't want to end. In keeping with the hearty theme I ordered the portobella fries. Thick cut slices of portobella mushrooms in a crispy coat and served with a rosemary dipping sauce. Two words "simply obsessed"! One of the many questions I get is where is the best place for date night and usually it takes me a few moments to think about it, but not anymore. They have these light but warm blankets you can toss on for when the date heats up but the temperature outside cools down. I can't wait to return and try many of the other tasty menu items. 

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