Seasoned Perfection With Salt & Cleaver

I'm always looking to find a great spot to eat. So much that there's actually a folder in my phone called "Stuff My Face". I've come to the conclusion that in my next life I'm most definitely going to be either a chef or a competitive eater, with the latter sounding more promising. With the food industry being extremely competitive, having just exquisite food is no longer enough. Before recommending restaurants to friends, clients, and readers I consider the following: CUSTOMER SERVICE (most important), food quality, presentation, and originality. Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with chef Natalie, cocktail curator Damion, and owner Anosh, of Salt & Cleaver. I have to thank Natalie for creating the BEST chicken and waffle bites to ever land on my palette. It was seasoned perfectly and topped with bacon; I mean my taste buds were in full dance party mode. I officially can never order chicken and waffles anywhere else!!!! Damion crafted the perfect complementary cocktail, "Almost Famous". It's Bourbon, apricot liquor, almond orgeat, fresh lemon juice, peach bitters, garnished with yellow peaches and hickory maple smoke foam. Next, was the mac & cheese which was extremely delicious! I love how they opted for light and flavorful rather than shredding 9 million cheeses, which is one of the reasons I usually never order mac & cheese. S&C found the perfect balance by topping it with breadcrumbs and a side of toasted bread. In keeping things light, the "Good Parenting" (cleverly named) cocktail pairs nicely with this dish. Pear infused vodka, St. Germaine, elderflower, fresh lemon juice, cardamom bitters, and decorated with Asian pear and Asian per chutney. Ah, and for the grand finally out comes the most decadent meat and cheese board! It was love at first bite with the house made chicken mango sausage and duck duck pig sausage. Word to the wise, don't knock either of these until you try them! What better drink to accompany this board than the the " Last Laugh". A refreshing combination of gin, yellow chartreuse, luxardo maraschino, cucumber lime syrup, champagne and topped with fresh sage. Next time you're in the Hillcrest neighborhood, this place is most definitely worth dropping in on. 

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