Pajama Party

I'm usually someone who tries to avoid trends by sticking to staples for myself. However, one trend fashion as well as myself has decided to hold on to is pajama wear. No matter what your favorite fashion magazine(s) encourages, stay away from dressing in a full on pj set! Instead break it up by pairing a pajama shirt with distressed denim and sneakers or even loafers as I did. The goal is to achieve a relaxed look, not a I literally rolled out of bed and may have not even brushed my teeth feel. As summer approaches don't hesitate to mix cool silk bottoms with classic polo shirts, button oxfords, and leather sandals. I've taken this look and also incorporated one of my favorite things to do, high and low dressing. My shirt is courtesy of Target and shoes from one of my favorite designers, Prada.

Photog: Serrandon