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Robes Gone Rogue

Over the past couple weeks, I've been talking about transitioning my style into something more relaxed but more refined. So I decided it was time to bring back the silk robe, think more Hugh Hefner & less Mrs. Roper. Nothing is more of a sign than when one of the most iconic designers incorporates robes into their runway show!

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Pajama Party

I'm usually someone who tries to avoid trends by sticking to staples for myself. However, one trend fashion as well as myself has decided to hold on to is pajama wear. No matter what your favorite fashion magazine(s) encourages, stay away from dressing in a full on pj set!

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Mens Trend: Small And Structured

With Fall/Winter '16 men's runway shows wrapping up, there are tons of clearly identifiable trends that have emerged. One I'm currently on board with is the small and structured bags. With cell phones outgrowing the male pocket size and briefcases seeming to offer space, but lacking the inconspicuous factor, what's a modern man to do?

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