JLSD Food & Wine Festival

In a city like San Diego, you could easily attend an event every single day. That being said, there are a few events that automatically go into my calendar and Junior League San Diego Food & Wine Festival is definitely one of them. The location alone, on the La Jolla cove, is enough reason to show up but that accompanied by the great food, hosts, and most importantly what the organization represents make it a must attend. Before enjoying any wine or food it was a mad dash for the Stella Artois photo booth, uhhh there's just something about a photo booth! This year's event was co-hosted by the talented radio personality Dorothy Tran. Each time I attend the vendors continue to impress with the quality of food and wine. Harrah's lobster salad on brioche was undoubtedly my favorite dish only to be  perfectly complemented with City Lights pinot grigio. Seafood ceviche, chocolate mouse, tri-tip on toast, and Suja were a few of my other indulgences. Now it's time to work off all the goodness!