Bravo Bracero

As I close out 2016 I look back at all the amazing restaurants, and the not so amazing ones. Shortly after the opening of Bracero, I had the privilege of dashing in for a quick dinner, but wasn't able to experience it as I wish I could of. That being said, I was still very happy about it. Fast forward several months when the opportunity presented itself again I most certainly was on board! The first plate was the "Wood Grilled Octopus" which was insanely delicious. I've enjoyed octopus at various restaurants around the world and Bracero's sits at the top 3 of my list. Next was the "Shrimp & Bone Marrow Sopes", quite the scrumptious dish. However, the show stopper of the night goes to the "Albacore Two Ways". It's a dish packed with both flavor and passion that takes over your palate with just one bite. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, sommelier Rafael Peterson introduces himself. He suggest having a sip of the Sauvignon Blanc {Monte Xanic} and then take a bite of albacore.... #UTOPIA!!!! I can say without a doubt that this  was the most delectable and my favorite course ever! If there was a theme for the night it would be, "Saving The Best For Last"! Until next time Bracero...

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