Barre Behavior

Recently, I had the pleasure of diversifying my workout routine with a stop to Studio Barre located in beautiful Mission Hills. It's something I've thought about doing for a while, but never really considered it a "workout" until now. Barre-tender John was beyond an amazing instructor and really broke down each movement and the muscle(s) it targeted. John's upbeat attitude and technique focused teaching style ensures you get all the benefits aka SORENESS!!!After getting my ass kicked and tightened I had the pleasure of talking with him about a few misconceptions about barre. 

1. "Studio Barre is only for women and too easy for men" (UGH wrong!)

2."Studio Barre is a ballet/dance class. Barre does come from ballet however, the exercises here are fine tuned and hyper focused."

3."You need to be in shape to take the class. I feel like this one pushes a lot of clients away before they even step through the door. ANYONE can come to take studio barre. It's definitely challenging, but there are modifications for exercises if people have lower back issues, shoulder injuries, etc".

Being sure to sign up for a class with John at  7:15 and 9 am on M/W/F and 9:15 and 10:30 on Sunday!