Interview: Louis The Child

Last weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Chicago-based music duo Louis The Child. The two have a new song out titled FIRE featuring Evalyn and the song is lit! Check out the interview below and listen to Fire HERE ...

Dean Hall Style: I want to start off by saying congrats on the new song Fire! I was tweeting earlier that I've listened to it 18+ times since I got it. 

LTC: Really? Thank you so much!

DHS: So how did the collab with Evalyn happen?

LTC: (Freddy) We got sent the song first and then the a capella and I produced around it to turn it into a different vibe. It was more of like an Indie like pop band vibe and then we turned it into what it is today. 

DHS: When you collab with people what do you look for? 

LTC: (Freddy) It really depends on their vibe and if we hear something that really inspires us. (Robby) It could be their writing style too. I'm a huge fan of Daya's writing style and her whole vibe. Then with some people it's like oh that voice is incredible, it just all depends.

DHS: Congrats on the USA tour and actually you guys are also stopping in one city in Mexico too. Do you guys have a ritual prior to hitting the stage? 

LTC: Actually yeah we do. We have this handshake called, The Scooby Doo. (they demo it, and it's so dope). 

DHS: Given the opportunity to work with any two artist who would it be? 

LTC: (Freddy) Bon Iver and Robert Glasper (Robby) Chance The Rapper would be awesome and Kendrick Lamar. 

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