Haute Happy Hour

Happy hour, just like real estate, is all about location. It needs to have good vibes, a tasty menu, festive cocktails, and an epic staff. Cloak & Petal has nailed all the requirements with such ease. Dining at C&P feels like you’re in the center of a contemporary museum and I love it. The Louis Vuitton artwork, cherry blossom trees, and the visually stunning tribute to two of the best rappers show a level of unmatched design work in Little Italy. Being from the east coast, it was extra special seeing my favorite rapper, Notorious BIG, being honored throughout the establishment. For happy hour I like to keep the bites light and the drinks lighter. First up was the Australian Wagyu lettuce cups. Savory slices of marinated eye of round, garlic chives, kimchi, and pine nuts. Keeping pace with lightness, I opted for the yellowtail hamachi which was sooooo on point. I could have easily eaten about 4 more orders of this dish, but summer is right around the corner. While that was good the real MVP was the salmon 3 ways. I’ve had it prepared at other places and they don’t come close the one at C&P. A combination of salmon, topped with the skin and the roe served with a yuzu miso, simply amazing! No better way to end happy hour than with a half dozen of oysters. So if you haven’t been yet make sure to get it on the books stat!

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