Designer To Know: Deveaux

Deveaux just released its third menswear collection and it’s taking us back in time. This brand is new but has been on the fashion radar since inception for a variety of reasons. What better way to ensure success than to tap street style photog extraordinaire Tommy Ton ( if you don’t know him plz Google) as creative director. The collection seems to be heavily influenced by the late Victorian/ early Edwardian era with a splash of modern functionality. Think if famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, were to be alive today lol. Lux streetwear is at an all time high, (extremely over it) and I couldn’t be happier with their polar opposite direction. For outwear the brand opted for warm rich tones, classic plaids, and slightly oversized silhouettes. Exaggerated turtlenecks and cargo trousers add just enough flair and functionality to make the line feel modern. So whether you are a gentleman of leisure or a millennial on the go there’s something for you. I look forward to watching this modest brand become a powerhouse.

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