Enjoying Everything Empanada

Last week I swung by Empanada Kitchen and it was without a doubt the best decision of the week! I hadn’t tasted something new in a little while and since I’d never had an empanada I was super stoked on it. The selection is plenty, but not overwhelming and you also get a legend which shows you what they will look like. That’s especially handy if you’re anything like me and order half the menu, but have the memory of a gnat. Up first was the classic beef and to say it was delicious would be an understatement. The meat was well seasoned and the bread so soft and perfectly proportioned. I’m always skeptical about meat wrapped in breading because there’s usually inches of dough between you and the hearty center. The beef is great, but the lamb is life changing and my absolute favorite. I’m extremely particular about my lamb and it was like they prepared it just for me. Oh and I can’t forget about the sauce, I’m salivating as write this, which is wonderfully complementary. Other great tasting options are the bacon & egg, mushroom and goat cheese, and sweet corn & basil. Ah and the sweet corn & basil was definitely another favorite. Juicy flavorful cream style corn encased in the most appetizing of bread. Empanada Kitchen has set the bar extremely high and carved out the perfect niche in the downtown food scene.  

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