A Tasty Afternoon At Miss B's

If you follow me on social media then you know this isn't my first time at Miss B's Coconut Club. However, the last time I was there for Fox 5 doing a swimwear segment instead of tasting the food. Oh man am I glad I went back because the food is beyond delicious. It's been about two years since I've had coconut shrimp because I couldn't find a place that made them the way I liked until now. The batter is perfectly crisp, the shrimp juicy,  and its paired with the perfect sauce. I could easily put away a few dozens of these tasty things! Bouncing from sea to land, I followed up with the Coconut Club Burger. A natural angus beef patty with all the fixings on a kolache roll and instead of fries I went with plantain chips. Have you ever had a meal so delectable that you just get lost in it? Well that's exactly what happened after one bit into this burger. The sweet and salty plantain chips were the perfect complement in addition to being to the healthier alternative to fries. This particular day my palate bounced around and landed back in the sea for the next entree. Seafood ceviche was a refreshing mix of white fish, shrimp, serrano peppers, fresh citrus juice, red onions, mango, and coconut milk! My inner fat boy wanted to just pick up the bowl and drink the ceviche, but I decided to show some restraint. What better way to enjoy the perfect afternoon lunch than with a fresh PiƱa colada inside a pineapple. And that's how you should start every weekend, right?

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