Monello Is A Must

San Diego, considering its location, has quite a few great selections for Italian cuisine. Monello has definitely raised the bar for authenticity as well as overall experience. It’s a wonderfully designed space with Milan referenced artwork, gorgeous plants, and a menu that’s out of this world! Most recently, they’ve launched a new concept for lunch. It’s called Italian Street Food which is the idea of window ordering and receiving gourmet style food in a faster time for the lunch. Simply brilliant and a great response to how we as a culture are changing our dining habits. Diving right in with the fritti from fryer trio, panzerotti, calamari, and arancini. Each coming in a super stylish newspaper box with the tastiest of sauces. I mean all three were equally delicious and the portions spot on. The follow up dish of two cheesy square cut slices of pizzetta. A pepperoni and a black truffle with cremini mushrooms, yup you know those pieces were divine. Nothing gets me more excited than a cheese wheel! Ragu and smoked beef being tossed around with such finesse in the cheese wheel to create a bold and delectable dish. Ughhhhhh it was so damn good!!! In keeping with the beef theme I opted for the burger. Smoked beef and fried eggplant parmigiana on the softest of buns. Seriously, this burger is a game changer and can even be enjoyed without the beef for my vegetarians readers. While the entrees were definitely a tough act to follow the dessert was no shrinking violet. Chocolate and vanilla gelato accompanied by a phenomenal pannacotta with fresh berries and almonds. So if you’re looking for the perfect lunch escape there’s no place that does it better than Monello

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