A Hankering For Hundred Proof

Hillcrest is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in San Diego and now thanks to Hundred Proof the cool factor just increased. Of all the lunch menus in town, this one makes my top 3. It's wonderfully diverse while still being very cohesive with plates such as Italian chopped salad, Hawaiian style ahi poke and many more. The first dish on the menu combined two of my favorite things beets and hummus. An extremely palatable roasted beet hummus with pita, feta, toasted pistachios, and green onions. The textures and flavors played so well together making it nearly impossible not to just face plant! When it comes to vegetables, broccoli is king and I'd happily add it to every meal every day. Hundred Proof hit it out of the park with their oven roasted broccoli that's topped with an oregano vinaigrette, spicy almonds, raisins, and side of paprika aioli. I'll never order a broccoli thing anywhere else because I know there's no way it could even come close to this delicious perfection! After inhaling my veggies it was time to add a little meat to my lunch plate. Three words that changed my life forever and will change yours too, "crispy chicken thighs". OOOMMMGGG it's these crispy, juicy, tidbits of chicken in a sticky Korean sauce topped with cilantro, serranos, and mint. With each bite I kept saying, "how?" how could something be this damn delicious! After I calmed my taste buds it was on to the elote con chorizo. A tasty bowl filled with grilled shrimp, cholula mayo, cotija, tajin, and cilantro. Last but certainly not least I decided on the charred kale pizza. A cheese fest of taleggio, parmesan, and mozzarella with Italian sausage atop a phenomenal dough. I've only scratched the surface of all the goodness offered at Hundred Proof and can't wait to return.  

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