Out & Proud Brewing

In my never ending quest to bring you the best in dining, I landed in Hillcrest at Hillcrest Brewing Company last week. It just so happen to be pouring rain the one day a year we actually get it, but I’m glad I didn’t let it deter me. Fun fact, HBC is the first openly out and proud (gay) brewery in the world, talk about trailblazing! As you may have noticed from previous posts, my thirst quenching drinks tend to be spirit forward, but as of lately I’ve been getting into beer. To kick things off I began with a beautiful flight of beers ranging from ales to ambers to stouts. For those of you that have a wicked sweet tooth you’ll for sure want to try to the Banana Hammock. It’s rich caramel and malt flavors round out this traditional Scotch Ale making it very palatable and their #1 seller. A few other favorites were the Perle Necklace (PALE ALE), Just The Hop (IPA), Brown Eye’d Squirrel (IPA) and Long & Stout (Imperial Stout). Aaaand then I got to taste the Mad Cow Milkshake and my tastebuds exploded! A stout beer perfectly blended with a French vanilla ice cream topped with whip cream…game changer! The food is just as on par as the beer. You’ll want to place several orders of the wings which get marinated overnight, simply delicious. The pizza of the month, Loaded Baked Potato, consist of 5 cheese blend, cheddar cheese, broccoli, red onion, jalapeño bacon, topped with sour cream drizzle and potato skins. If you’re looking for a great beer selection, equally great food, and a rockstar staff HBC has got you covered.

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