Welcome 2019 With The Whiskey House

Let the countdown to 2019 begin! Brace yourself for the hundreds of obligatory “Do Better”, “New Goals”, and “New Me” post on social media. For the past two NYE I’ve found that it’s best to keep it intimate and I plan on keeping that tradition alive this year. Why stand in absurd lines, both to get inside the club and again at the bar once inside, when you can spend that time enjoying those closest to you. The Whiskey House has got you covered for the most fabulous and memorable NYE yet! Kick of the evening festivities at 8pm by indulging in the dinner buffet filled with smokey flavored bites and live DJ. Their Vietnamese wings are absolutely to die for and the creamy mac & cheese sprinkled with chorizo is simply beyond words. While those were great it was the bratwurst sausage that was the real MVP. A savory sausage topped with a glorious mixed of grilled onions and sauerkraut and a side of creole mustard. The cocktail menu is so next level, having the most whiskeys in America, they create the best Kentucky Mule around. My absolute favorite drink was the Pegu Club which is gin based and hits all the right notes. Ah, and the decor is a beautiful blend of masculine and modern with dark words and incredible lighting. If you’re looking to welcome 2019 with great friends, tasty food, and dancing in the most Instagram worthy venue downtown TWH has got you covered!

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