The Novelty Of Nick & G's

As I've mentioned before I'm really making an effort to get out of my bubble and explore the North County food scene. In doing so I decided to stop by Nick & G's, which is nestled in the gorgeous community of Rancho Santa Fe. When dining out I use all of my senses and expect the restaurant to appeal to them. Let's just say I left this establishment with sensory overload! The interior was beyond chic and I'd even go on record as saying the most chic in San Diego. You sit down in these gorgeous leather chairs with metal nailheads only to pull yourself up to a most beautifully finished wooden table. However, I was fortunate enough to be able to sit in the private crushed velvet booth with a stunning chandelier right above. The overall design was the quintessential amalgam of both classic and modern. Between my seating area and the outstanding customer service I felt like royalty! The appetizers smelled wonderful and tasted even better. Calamari that was skillfully breaded and fried just right, brussels sprouts basted in the most toothsome balsamic molasses only to be topped off with marcona almonds. Ah, and the one item I'll never be able to pass up is shrimp cocktail, which was also spot on. When it came to the cocktails, all I can say is next level. Their dragon fruit gin martini hit the table and it was love at first sip. Only a true mixologist could have concocted such a divine drink, not to mention the dragon fruit is sourced locally. By the time I'd finished my second one I had locked eyes on my entree from across the room and could not wait to partake. I decided on Seared Maine Diver Scallops & Asparagus on top of capellini pasta, garlic, tomato, and olive oil!!!! OOOMMMMGGGGG! That first bite was exquisite as was the final one. Finally it was  time for the hardest decision of the night, dessert! A sinfully delicious carrot cake or the bodacious bread pudding?!?! Thanks to the food Gods I didn't have to choose and I was able to enjoy both! As if the cocktails, food, and great service weren't enough, there's live music and even dueling pianist! So if you haven't tried it yet get up and do so, IMMEDIAELTELY!!!! I look forward to many more evenings spent here. 

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