Cardigans To Consider For Fall


"Pop Of Color"

How To Wear: Adding a pop of color is best done when breaking up a monochromatic look. For me it doesn't have to be bold, just contrasting to the clothing underneath. If you're wearing all white toss on a black, gray, or navy cardigan. As for the style maverick this pink beauty is the best shown off over dark colors. Style is not about wearing the exact trend, but instead interpreting it to best fit you! 

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"The Over-sized"



How To Wear: When you hear the term "over-sized" most people think Olsen twins or college grad wearing his dad's suit to an interview. However, there's a way to prevent you from looking very hobo and more man on the go. It's all about proportions! Pairing this style with a well tailored or slim shirt and pants instantly adds a level of sophistication. It also avoids the appearance of the cardigan wearing you instead of the opposite.

Zara $49.99 





"The Perfect Print"


How To Wear: If you've watched me on FOX 5 San Diego you may have heard me say "treat animal print like a neutral". Your response was probably somewhere along the lines of, "WTF does that mean"? Well, use the animal print of your choice as a foundation and pull from the colors in it. A great example is this leopard print the model is wearing. It contains brown, black, and white in it. So they've styled it with a black and white button down, black sweater, and black denim which works perfectly. All without giving the appearance of trying too hard. 

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How To Wear: In order to keep this look elevated and to avoid those "are you wearing a hoodie?" stares there are 3 things to consider. First, opt for this style in cashmere or light wool blend. Keeping the texture soft and light as opposed to chunky makes a huge difference. Next, Be sure that you select a slim or fitted style. SN: part of what makes designer pieces look so great is the tailoring/fit. Finally, dress up what most normally consider to be a piece best used for lounge wear. Try putting it under your suit or pair with a crisp oxford and chinos. Fashion should be easy, but most importantly it should be YOU!

Eleventy $595.00

Photos: Zara / Nordstroms /Barneys New York / Urban Outfitters