Wondrous Afternoon At Westroot Tavern

When I hear the term "sports bar" there are a few things that come to mind. First, I envision  middle aged men wearing their favorite team jersey, with the lower half of their gut (beer gut to be more specific) exposed, screaming obscenities at the players on TV's for "screwing up a play", because clearly they could do a better job. Next, I think of the ripped leather, excuse me pleather, bar stools cutting into the under part of your thigh and the wooden leg rest being broken. Finally, the food being over cooked tatter tots and the driest of the dry chicken wings. Well thanks to Westroot Tavern they have completely changed my mind on all things sports bar!  I started off with the calamari since that's one of the most common appetizers and I'm always curious to see how establishments will make theirs stand out. OOOOMMMMGGGG the presentation was beautiful and pairing them with snap peas was pure genius! As you know I'm all about the whiskey, but after seeing what was in the Doctor's Orders (absolut pear, cucumber, fresh lime juice, orgeat, cinnamon) it was a must. How could one resist sipping on such a refreshing libation?! Rolling with refreshing vibes, next came the ceviche which was TDF. As if my tastebuds weren't already freaking out enough, the buffalo mac and cheese hit the table. This bold dish both in appearance and smell put the biggest grin on my face. I thought about skipping the utensils and just face planting to eat my way through this epic item. Soft creamy poblano beer-cheese noodles with buffalo chicken, and diced celery & carrots. I'm not sure I'll be able to eat mac & cheese any other way anymore. Not only has Westroot raised the bar for food but also in creating an experiences for guest too. On Tuesdays you can enjoy taco specials while playing trivia and Wine Wednesdays just got better thanks to the live music there. 

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