Brazen Behavior

This past Monday things got a bit saucy when I stopped inside Brazen BBQ for lunch. Barbecue is definitely in my top 3 favorite types of food. The meats, sauces, and sides are all comfort food or as I like to say a bean bag chair for the soul. It was smoked wings and corn fritters to get things started. The corn fritters arrived in all their battered glory drizzled in a spiced maple glazed and pig candy sprinkled on top and it was game on! Let's take a moment to talk about Pig Candy. It's bacon in their house rub called Barnyard dust, and mixed with white and brown sugar, finally smoked for an hour and half. Just when I thought bacon could not get any better I was introduced to this! Chicken wings are my first love and after enjoying these in a B.R.A.G sauce my love is even deeper. Next, the ribs were a beautiful color and brushed in their competition sauce. I'm going to make this declaration, "Best Ribs I've Ever Had" #truestory. The meat was tender, great subtle smokey flavor, and the sauce was something out of this world. It was now time for my fork to journey over to the pulled pork, again pleasantly pleased. The final meat was tri-tip which was the icing on the cake for this mouthwatering meat trinity. When it comes to great BBQ it's not just the meat, but the sides are just as important. Mac & cheese had perfect amount of cheese and slight crisp on top, collard greens bursting with flavor while being vegetarian, and beans were more savory than sweet, great decision. The only thing I enjoy more than indulging in exquisite barbecue is listening and learning about the owners. Pitmaster John Bracamonte was kind enough to stop by for a quick chat, check out a couple fun facts below. 

1. John's background is actually Computer Science. 

2. John and his business partner Brad began competing on the BBQ scene in 2009.

3. Brazen BBQ most closely resembles Texas style BBQ. 

4. They believe in the technique of touch versus temperature when preparing brisket. 

5. John shared that when using foil to cover your meat it's called the "Texas Crutch". 

6. John is a huge Manhattan fan and created the Brazen Manhattan.

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