Hangry At The Haven

As an east coast native, New Jersey to be more specific, there are certain foods that we are just known to have the best of, like pretty much anything Italian! So when I'm told about an "amazing" pizza spot there's two things I say. First, "Have you ever had pizza in the Tri-State area?" followed by "Tell me about the sauce". Based upon their response I can immediate gather if it's a place even worth googling let alone trying. So when The Haven Pizzeria came up in conversation I knew I had to try it and now I'm hooked! Upon looking at the menu, the brussels sprouts quickly jumped out. I saw there was the option to add candied bacon...enough said. Most restaurants will just toss bacon in, but having it candied really helps to elevate a seemingly common dish. Following the delicious appetizer I decided it was time to dive into some pasta and meatballs. Aaaaaaaaand let's just say that was the best decision of the day. The meatballs were seasoned just right and so tender. The sauce beautifully supported the flavor of meatballs and pasta. There's a common practice of establishments feeling the need to drown all their red sauce dishes. It's NOT SOUP!!!! While I was very much impressed up to this point it was now time to order pizza which is what this entire visit was riding on. Would it be a delightfully delicious pie or a disastrous disappointment? I'm happy to say that it really exceeded my expectations. It was a pie with roasted garlic sauce, fresh spinach, all natural chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella, and goat cheese, named Popeye.  At this point dessert is not even a topic of discussion because it's definitely happening and the diet will resume tomorrow! A toothsome panna cotta to complete the perfect afternoon meal. Rich, creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness! I look forward to many more visits to this Kensington gem . 

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