Wonderfully Satisfied @ Wood Ranch

If there's one genre of food that's lacking in San Diego, it'd definitely be good barbecue. My family is from Texas so I'm a huge BBQ fan and am very particular not just with sauce, but also with the meat. From the outside you would think Wood Ranch is going to be a stuffy steakhouse type however, that couldn't be further from the truth. It's a causal dining atmosphere with an amazingly diverse and well selected menu. I order the '92, while reviewing the menu, which is a cocktail made with Nolet's premium gin, freshly squeezed grapefruit and lemon juices. It's an extremely refreshing drink that celebrates Wood Ranch's 25 years in business, CONGRATS! Starters consisted of BBQ chicken potato skins, a wonderfully creamy guacamole & chips, as well as balsamic grill shrimp. I'm a sucker for guac and this was hands down one of the best I've had the pleasure of enjoying. After indulging in those delightful apps it was time to get serious about why I came here, the BBQ! A Classic Manhattan and the Wood Ranch Barbecue Combo for the win. For my meat I opted for beef ribs, pulled pork and smashed sweet potato with broccoli as sides. The presentation was great and the taste was phenomenal. I mean the meat was so tender and perfectly seasoned with the sauce only adding to the delicious flavor. The smashed sweet potatoes were so velvety and rich while the broccoli was steamed to an impeccable crisp. With the appetizers and entree being so delicious it would have been a sin to leave without partaking in a little dessert, so I did . What better way to top off the day than with some chocolaty goodness. A flourless Guittard chocolate cake, glazed pecans, vanilla ice cream, and topped with whip cream, simply divine. Until next time

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