Deliciously Del Sur

And just like that I've survived the first week of the shortest month, BARELY! The question I'm most frequently presented with is, "What's your favorite type of food"? My immediate response (in my head), "The kind you put in your mouth!".  But honestly, it's hands down Mexican. That being said, South Park has sucked me in with Del Sur. This amazing gem embodies what the core of Mexican food is, and that's comfort. The first bite of each dish felt like a hug from abuelita and from there it only got better. The best way to prepare your taste buds for all the goodness to come is to start with the South Park Street Corn which is full of flavor and heritage! I've never moved through a dish with more vigor than this one. Next were the Jackfruit Tacos and they can be summed up in one word, EPIC! But there dish that stole show was their savory Chile Relleno dish. A stuffed poblano with a 3-cheese and panela. Let's not forget that every dish needs to be perfectly paired with a cocktail and the mezcal selection is out of this world. I plan on spending many happy hours as well as brunches at Del Sur and you should too!

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