8th San Diego Spirit Festival

This past weekend, I attended the 8th annual San Diego Spirits Festival! It went by so fast, but I guess that happens when you’re enjoying your time under the sun with food and drinks. Tandauy’s Calamansi Mint Cocktail was great! Definitely one of the more refreshing drinks I had, and it went perfectly with the sunny weather. I also had the pleasure of tasting Dwight Eubanks fabulous alcohol line, Eubanks Collection; such an elegant drink and tastes so smooth! Pretty in Pink had to be my favorite of them all. I continued to walk through the festival and found the brand Tequiponch, which has herb based cocktail..Say what?!? Needless to say, it was amazing. As for the food, Big Front Door had me coming back for more of their pulled pork. San Diego Spirits Festival has done it once again. Until next year!

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