Dover Honing Company

"Fashion is a lifestyle not a label", a quote I live by everyday. A huge part of a man's lifestyle is grooming. This isn't just about the $100 eye creams and manly mask, but also his facial hair.  I'm fully aware of the hipster no shave movement currently happening, but that's definitely not for every guy. I'm Team Beard as much as the next guy, but it should be lined to complement your face and trimmed as to not become a second home for food your mouth has passed on. With men's grooming on the rise, I'm always intrigued to see how these barbershops set themselves a part. Well after receiving one of the best shaves ever it's clear that The Dover Honing Co. will be around for a while The vintage barbershop feel created by proper shaving techniques, black & white floor tile, and staff camaraderie definitely fills the much need gap in San Diego men's grooming area. I'd definitely be back to enjoy the warm facial towel treatments. Be sure to follow them!

Instagram: Thedoverhonigco