Gift Of Music

Every year I do a V-Day gift guide either for TV or my blog, which normally consist of cool electronics, decadent chocolates, and other love centric items. However, this year I decided to focus on what I feel is the perfect give from the heart, music. I had a blast shooting at M-Theory a few days ago in the beautiful neighborhood of Mission Hills. What better way to show that person in your life how much love and appreciate them than by having your favorite artist sing it to them. In a world of high speed music downloads it’s both refreshing and relaxing to play records. From getting lost in album art, to unwrapping your favorite classic, to placing the needle on the record and being greeted by sweetest sounding static. My taste in music ranges from Ella Fitzgerald to Elton John to Gwen Stephani to Marilyn Manson, yup all over the place. So If you really want to knock your Valentine off their feet you’ll most definitely want to include M-Theory Music.

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