A Day At AquaVie

There are workout facilities and there are wellness centers, AquaVie Wellness is undoubtedly the latter. In a city that’s been deemed “16th Most Fit” you can find a place to loose lbs every couple of blocks. However, at AquaVie Wellness they focus on the entire package, mind, body, and soul. After a warm welcome you can hit the fridge where you’ll find everything from muscle milk to vegan protein packed donuts! Yes, donuts that are actually good for you. The layout is ultra modern and the equipment is state of the art. Guest have access to a plethora of classes, spa, outdoor lap pool, and even a running track. After seeing the track I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my days on the high school track team. One of the highlights of spending the day here was the rooftop spin bikes. I’m a huge fan of the class and have often thought how much more I’d love it if the bikes were outside. While you’re on the roof if your hunger sets in there’s a bowl of green apples, my absolute fav, to snack on. Between free weights, leg presses, and spinning I’d worked up quite the appetite. So for lunch I opted for the seafood Cobb which was exquisite as well as a green juice. If you are in search for a wellness center that inspires and guides you along the fitness journey then look no further!

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