Kaaboo Recap

Kaaboo has graced the beautiful city of Del Mar with its presence once again. The annual festival is filled with both musical and visual artists, comedians, and chefs. Now in it’s 4th year it was completely sold for the first time ever, which is a huge feat. The musical line up was wonderfully curated having a mix of 90’s-00’s favorites such as Nelly, Incubus, Big Boi, and N.E.R.D as well as some of today’s top performers. When Pharrell hit the stage I was instantly overcome with acute nostalgia for my days in jr. high listening to his cd’s in my bedroom. Post Malone, Katy Perry, and Wiz Khalifa also treated festival-goers to phenomenal performances. In between sets guest could dash to a variety of cocktail activations provided by brands such as Monkey Shoulder, Hendrick’s Gin, and Tullamore Dew. Monkey Shoulder served refreshing whiskey cocktails out of a larger than life mixer on a flatbed, yup you read that correctly! For the gin lovers Hendrick’s Gin prepared the tastiest of drinks in a 3-story bar. Mixologists dazzled onlookers by whipping a rose into a million petals and balancing a variety of ingredients from 1-2 floors up. As if that wasn’t enough you could also sign up to be taken in their hot air balloon. The food options were endless from food trucks, to Chipotle and everything in between. Kaaboo showcased some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve had the privilege of laying my eyes on. A few of my favorite pieces were created by Austin Reed, Ivano Stocco, Joaquin Sorro and if you’re unfamiliar they are worth Googling. Kaaboo has solidified it’s position on the list of festival to attend for sure! I look forward to seeing the acts of 2019, so if you missed this one don’t make the same mistake next year.