Bespoke With Bleu Gents Pt. 1


It’s a new year and that means new and exciting pieces must be added to my wardrobe. Most recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the über stylish men’s boutique Bleu Gents located in Oceanside. I definitely understand why some guys may think bespoke is a bit overwhelming, which it can be without the right help. Before you begin the process you’re offered a complimentary beverage, which makes any experience that much more enjoyable. My stylist was extremely thorough when taking my measurements and also very friendly. After, the fun begins as you now get to select your suit from a sea of beautiful fabrics. I’m pretty decisive so within 10 mins I narrowed my selection down to 4 patterns. Bleu Gents has the technology to show you exactly how your suit will look in the desired fabric. It was a tremendous help on deciding the winning fabric. The shirt selection was just as impressive as the suiting. And after one final look at the suit fabric swatch next to my shirt selection I knew it was perfection !!! My 1st round of fittings is in 4 weeks so I have still have time to lose a few pounds (that baby weight) lol. I’ll be revealing my suit choice during my fitting so stay tuned!

Photog: Isiah Jones