Roaming Rome

Italy was intoxicating! 4 days was the perfect amount of time to sample all of what Rome has to offer.  Of the sampling, it was the savory gelato in which I indulged on a nightly basis! Rome is a city that’s rooted in such deep heritage. It’s present in the small details of street signs to the glorious ruins of the Colosseum. Though I’d never been to Italy prior, my excessive consumption of Italian food and shoes had always made me feel as though I  frequent this beautiful city. Upon arriving I checked into my hotel and it was immediately off to get lost in the town. People flocked to the Spanish Steps to take selfies, eat, converse, or just relax on them. It was very reminiscent of walking through New York’s Central Park and seeing hundreds of pigeons flock to 1 statue. While sightseeing is a necessary evil here, it was the accidental finding of a small opera/ballet that will be most memorable. Listening to an alluring performance of 3 talented tenors perform while two ballet dancers followed their voices was just perfection! The food was flavorful and fresh while the fashion was well-tailored and effortless. I’ll definitely be returning sooner than later, CIAO!!