Coat Check

It’s that time of the year again, fall and it’s my favorite! The layering can begin, the incessant hunting for the perfect boots, and the closet swapping of tanks and t’s for sweaters and flannels. Traveling throughout europe during this season change has definitely exposed my lax attitude toward exterior fashion since residing in San Diego. Arriving in Stockholm, Sweden only hours ago, in a cotton bomber jacket nonetheless, the cool air has me longing for long outwear. For me the longer the better however, you’ll want to keep in mind that it’s all about proportions. If you are smaller in stature opt for a great piece that falls mid thigh, as to not shorten yourself. For the taller guy, with a short torso, be adventurous and let it fall to your shins, but skip on the belting. Of all your wardrobe, it’s coats (generally speaking) that will last you the longest, so definitely invest in a few good ones. The magic number is 3, 2 classic solid colors and 1 statement. Designers have been sending checkered masterpieces down out the checkered coating from big prints to small, belted to single button, and classic wools to shearling lining. The cardinal rule to remember is always wear the coat and never let it wear you. Photos courtesy of