Beauty Of Berlin

Initially Germany was not on my radar, however about two weeks prior to leaving I kept getting this indescribable pull to go. Everyday I’d think about the various aspects of the country like the food, fashion , the history, and what it would be like to visit. My luvbug Shelly, said there’s a reason for this and don’t fight your intuition. Soooooo I booked a flight, hotel, and opened myself up to what was to come. Berlin was beautiful and it felt as thought I dove into a history book! Berlin Cathedral, Charlottenburg Palace, and Reichstag Building were all the perfect walking distance from my hotel. Berlin reminded me of what it feels like to live in a seasonal region. The warm days, brisk evenings, and hearing the leaves be swept across the ground by the wind let me know autumn was within arm’s reach.  While I’m not big into beer or sausage, but when in Rome or Berlin, I had to at least give it a try. OOOMMMGGG! The food was delicious from Berlin style meatballs, to sweet relish pretzels and wheat beer. When it came to the fashion, the Germans definitely do it their way. Some great modern 80’s moments happened in addition to stacked platform oxfords, and wool color blocked coats! This is a city I’ll definitely be journeying across the pond for again!